A Pretty Sweet Interview

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For today’s post I decided to do some Q&A with the kidlets. Check it out.

Q: What is the best thing that has happened to you?

J (11-year-old boy): The diving catch when we were playing the Astros.

M (8-year-old boy): When we were traveling and it was really scary but God protected us.

A (6-year-old girl): When Jesus made me.

E (4-year-old boy): Being good for the whole day.

Q: What is the worst thing that happened to you?

J: Having to sit on my bed all day.

M: When I cut my gum.

A: When I hurt my brothers.

E: Having a bad dream.

What is your favorite thing about summer?

J: Vacation and no school.

M: That there is lots of free time and that we get to sleep in.

A: I get to dance and I get to play outside.

E: Snowing. Windy. Beach.

Q: What famous person would you like to meet, and why?

J: Tim Lincecum because he’s my favorite pitcher.

M: Babe Ruth, because he was a really good player and I have a movie about him.

A: Miss Jane, because I miss her.

E: Coach Mack. I want to have a meeting. I want to talk about me doing really good.

Q: What makes you smile?

J: Giants winning the Word Series.

M: Jesus and you and dad.

A: Someone being nice to me and when you help me.

E: Snowing. Going swimming. Going to the beach. The picture of the clouds.

And there you have it. My kids are great.

See you tomorrow!


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