Celebratory Coke

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Today is a big day for me – I have published my first book! Sure, I have written several books as a ghostwriter, but I am no longer a ghost. My first book, Taking a Road Trip With Your Family… And Still Liking Them by the End of It is now available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

You want to hear something crazy? The first time I ever told David my dream of one day becoming an author was, you guessed it, on a road trip. I remember it so clearly. We were in the Central Valley of California, south of Fresno but north of Bakersfield. The idea had been floating around in my brain for a few weeks, but I was reluctant to mention it.

See, I knew that once I told David I wanted to do it, I would have to follow through. David is a very laid back guy and isn’t one to nag, but he also has a subtle way of encouraging me to finish what I start. He is supportive without being cheesy, and has mastered the art of combining sarcasm and sincerity. It’s pretty much awesome.

So I finally found the courage, and told him my goal. Being the talkative guy that he is, he responded, “Great. Do it.”

And now it’s done. And now we celebrate.

Once the book was submitted I went straight to the kitchen and opened the fridge. I knew they would be there, and they were: Two cans of Coke.


We have a tradition where we commemorate excellent happenings with a Celebratory Coke. Graduated college? Celebratory Coke. Got a new job? Celebratory Coke. Bought our first house? Celebratory Coke. Having a baby? Caffeine Free Celebratory Coke. So, of course, publishing a book most definitely resulted in a Celebratory Coke!

I am almost done with my 30 days of focusing on things excellent or praiseworthy! I can’t believe how fast these days have gone by, and I have learned so much. I could actually write an entire blog post about what I have learned during this time. And I will… tomorrow. Today I will drink my Coke.

See you tomorrow! – Oh, and check out the book here!


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