I Would Have Gone to Jail, Mom.

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On Saturday we visited several important landmarks from the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama. While I would love to tell you about what I saw and learned in these two cities, I am actually at a loss for words right now.

Actually, I am not exactly at a loss for words. I have plenty of them, but they are all jumbled up in my head and mixed in with a wide range of emotions.

What I am at a loss for is the ability to be able to sift through those emotions and arrange the words in a coherent manner. So I’ll probably get back to you in a day or two about my thoughts.


The kidlets, however, were not at a loss for words. In fact, their words made the whole experience that much more powerful.

Here is just some of what they had to say:

“Why, mom? Why would they hate people so much that they would kill them at church?”

“Martin Luther King, Jr. must have been a brave man. And strong. You have to be strong to do what he did.”

“It’s so sad the white colored people and brown colored people didn’t love each other.”

“I thought that Police Men were supposed to always do the right thing.”

“I would have gone to jail, mom. I would have come down here and protested and I would have gone to jail. Because it just wasn’t right what was happening to them.”

“So that super nice family who just asked us for directions wouldn’t have been able to do that back then? Wow. That is so sad. And I don’t get it.”

“Brown people are so beautiful. Why were people mean to them?”

“Wait, though. Just because the laws aren’t there anymore some people still have those attitudes, huh? They still hate people because they are different, even without the laws.”

And that final question led to a discussion on what we can do about that. And these were the only answers they came up with:

“Love people, no matter what they look like.”

“Set the example.”


Really, what more needs to be said?

See you soon!


2 thoughts on “I Would Have Gone to Jail, Mom.

    Judy Rodda said:
    July 3, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    Wow! Children make things so simple, we need to listen to them more.

      Jane Rodda responded:
      July 4, 2013 at 9:39 am

      I know! I am often amazed at what they have to say.

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