On the Road… Again.

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In one week my family and I will be in our new community. We will find our home, dig in, and get to work. But before that all happens, there is one road trip we just had to take.

Not too long ago someone asked me when we are going to stop traveling like this. I just tilted my head and looked at him, completely confused. When are we going to stop road tripping? That’s like asking when Slash will stop playing, Posey will stop catching, or Damon will stop acting. It’s just what we do, and we do it very well.

This trip is kind of a longish one – 12 hours – so David and I split up the driving. Today during my stretch, he was resting his eyes, the kidlets were doing their thing, and I was listening to my favorite album from my favorite band.

As I was driving, I thought about how many times we had been on this particular stretch of road. I realized that almost every time we have traveled this way, we have been seeking refuge. Whether we were physically, emotionally, or spiritually sick, we always knew that the people we were visiting would take us in, love us, and send us off feeling refreshed. For as long as we can remember, this family has done life with us. Sometimes right next to us, some times from a distance, but always caring for us and lifting us up in prayer.

As I was thinking about all of this, my favorite song started playing, and the tears rolled down my face.

You see, one line from this song has been my prayer for the past few years. Sometimes I whispered the lyrics, sometimes I would scream them as loud as I could, and sometimes my mouth would stay silent but my soul would cry out:

Dear Father, I need You. Your strength my heart to mend.

Today I realized that this prayer has been answered. In the midst of these difficult seasons, my heart has been mended. David’s heart has been mended. Our kids’ hearts have been mended. Our Father has restored us, and has prepared us once again for life in His service.

In a few hours we will arrive at our destination. The family will be outside waiting for us, and when we get there we will hug, cry, and laugh in the middle of the street.

We will create a pretty big scene – but that’s okay. Because this family, who saw us at our darkest point and loved us through it, will now be able to celebrate with us in the light.

If that’s not worth a road trip, I don’t know what is.

Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again;  from the depths of the earth you will again bring me up. You will increase my honor and comfort me once more.” Psalm 71:20-21

See you soon!


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