Stages of Moving

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1. We can do this!
2. We should seriously think about starting to pack. Moving Day will be here soon.
3. Make all the lists! This move will be organized!
4. Shoot… We need help.
5. Let’s just chuck it all and live off the land.
6. No, you can’t have ice cream for lunch. You need real food for energy.
7. Label that box, “Antique candy dishes, plastic bobble heads, two markers, one car, and five Lego pieces”.
8. Yes, eat the ice cream for lunch. And here’s some pickles, canned beans, and a carrot. Fridge is empty!
9. No, you can’t wear flip flops to load the truck.
10. That’s okay. Accidents happen. It’s my fault, really. I only wrote FRAGILE five times with red marker. Next time I’ll label it better.
11. Seriously, stop riding your bike up the truck ramp.
12. Ask me one more question and I’ll flick your nose.
13. Yes, Honey. You fit it all on the truck. You are indeed a Packing Master.
14. Clean all the things!
15. Stop vacuuming your sister’s hair.
16. I’ll just put those last few things in my purse.
17. Well, that was easy.
18. Goodbye house!
See you soon!

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