Noble Characters – Susan

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 I will never forget the day that I met Susan. I walked into her room, and there she was, 11 years old, sitting and playing with Barbie dolls.

Now, to be fair, Susan insists that what I saw wasn’t her playing with the dolls, but was instead a scene of mass chaos and carnage, including a Ken doll that had just met an untimely demise. Maybe. But all I saw was a bunch of dolls.

And I was way too cool for that scene.

And I made sure she knew it.

Despite our rocky beginning, a mutual love of books and dancing brought us together. Before we knew what happened, we were inseparable.

There is hardly a memory that I have in which Susan does not play a major role. Birthday parties, school dances, football games, competitions, church retreats, sleepovers… we experienced it all together.

There were some great times. There were some not so great times. But they all rolled together to help form a part of who we each are today.

As Susan and I got older, life – and geography – pulled us in different directions. But throughout all of this time I have observed her with nothing but respect and admiration.

The particular verse that makes me think of Susan is Proverbs 31:11:

“Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.”

One of the things that I admire most about Susan is how much she loves and respects her husband, Andrew. She has supported him as he pursued his education, proudly shares his career advancements, and even posts pictures boasting of his cake decorating skills. She is a devoted wife and mother, she keeps their home comfortable and welcoming, and does whatever she can to help her children pursue their dreams.

Susan excels in making sure that those around her shine brightly.

These are the things that you know by seeing what Susan shares. In the midst of all of that, though, Susan has excelled in her own endeavors. She has received her Master’s degree, works as a respected consultant, serves at her church, is committed to health and fitness, and is a faithful and trusted friend.

Susan is of noble character, truly an example of the type of woman that I want to be.

See you soon.


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