Noble Characters – Cathy

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One of the most vivid memories from my childhood is from when I was 8-years-old. I was in the car, riding with my two cousins and my Aunt Cathy. We had all of the windows down, and Wham!’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” was blasting on the radio. We were all singing and dancing, throwing our arms out the windows, and pretty much just having a blast.

Last April, at Cathy’s youngest daughter’s wedding, the four of us got out on the dance floor and once again rocked out to that musical gem.

As memorable as the “Jitterbug Moment” was, what happened a few minutes before is what made an even bigger impact on me.

When we first got into the car that day, my cousin and I were making snide comments and just not being very nice. Cathy looked into the mirror, made eye contact with me, and simply said, “Girls!”

That was all it took to snap us out of it. And I never forgot it. Here was Aunt Cathy – the epitome of all that was cool and fun and admirable – reminding us that tearing others down was not cool. Or fun. Or admirable.

Then she turned on the radio and on we went.

Loving discipline followed by an epic dance party. That’s the sort of thing that really stays with you.

I have so much love, respect, and admiration for Cathy that it is difficult to narrow it down to one blog post. In all honesty, there are several sections of the Proverbs 31:10-31 passage that make me think of her.

The one that I am focusing on today, though, is Proverbs 31:14.

She is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar.


I know. That seems a bit strange. So let me explain.

This verse isn’t really about being a ship. Although, Cathy does love to be on the water. Whether it’s a cruise ship on the ocean or a boat in the river, she can’t get enough. But that’s not it.

This verse is referring to making wise financial decisions to provide the best for her family.

Now, I know that saying that someone is good with money isn’t exactly a glamorous or exciting thing. And I’m not talking about the amount of money she has – because I don’t know and it’s none of my business! But here’s what I want you to know about Cathy, and what has happened because she is wise with money:

Cathy has shown her three incredible daughters how to budget, save, and make educated financial decisions.

She was able to take in and help raise a child who was not her own.

She was able to take in my family – all six of us – when I was deathly ill and we were desperate.

She is able to help care for her mother.

And Cathy and her husband, Joe, are able to help sponsor and tirelessly serve countless young men and women as they pursue a life with Jesus and start to see their worth in Christ.

Cathy exemplifies what it means to take whatever you have been given – no matter how much or how little – and use it to serve and glorify God.

She is strong. She is intelligent. She works hard.

Cathy is dedicated, protective, and loving.

She is willing to provide discipline, and she is willing to have the difficult discussions and confront messy issues in order to find resolution and peace.

Cathy will make decisions that no one else wants to make.

Because she will do the right thing, even when it isn’t easy.

Cathy is a woman of noble character. I love her. I respect her. And I am so thankful that I not only get to call her my aunt, but also one of my closest friends.

See you soon.

*Photo Credit: Jordan Jameson






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