Noble Characters – Baba

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Proverbs 31:19: In her hand she holds the distaff and grasps the spindle with her fingers.

Baba and Papa

Everywhere I look in my house I see evidence of my grandmother’s handiwork. Whether it is in the paintings hanging on the wall, the sweater I passed down to my daughter, or the countless “GG Blankets” my kids use, her artwork abounds.

Having raised seven children, “Baba” knew how to make anything and everything. She could sew clothes, knit sweaters, and crochet the most incredible blankets. She was constantly working on new projects, and I don’t think there is anyone in our HUGE family that does not have one of her trademark fleece blankets. I found out a few years ago that she is terribly allergic to fleece, and would spend days sick in bed after making the blankets. I told her that she shouldn’t do it anymore, that everyone would understand, but she wouldn’t hear of it.

Baba is not a warm and fuzzy grandmother. I mean, don’t get me wrong, she loves us all dearly and makes sure that we know it. But the mushy sentimental stuff is not her thing – that was my Papa! He would cry at anything. We all knew, though, that if we moved Baba to tears we had said something truly profound.

Because of her no-nonsense outlook, she has always chosen to express her love in ways that were practical and useful. She would make the blankets, of course, but she would also help make sure that kids had shoes and that school supplies were available. She wanted to know that we all had cooking utensils, blenders, and clocks, and she also freely gave ice cream dollars, because every once in a while you just need ice cream.

My Baba – Pearl Pack – is a woman of noble character, and I am honored to be her granddaughter. She has devoted her life to serving others: her husband, her children, her grand and great-grand children, friends, church members, and anyone else she would meet. She knows how to love, and she knows how to express her love.

She is a work of art.

See you soon.







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